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thinkwell. every day.

Let us be your coffee roaster!
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Our Purpose

Embodied Belief

We set out into the world with our beliefs.
Our experiences led us to see that coffee can house these beliefs.
We created this coffee company to embody what we know is true and possible.
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From each farm and harvest, to each roast and cup, every coffee experience is entirely unique.
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The best coffees are a product of harmony between people and the earth.
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We can positively reshape the world with our collective coffee decisions/purchases.

Coffee is Art

We want to give you great coffee experiences.


We built our roasting process around the batch. We pick the coffees for every batch with intentionality.


Like a sculptor to stone, or a potter to clay, we approach roasting as a skilled Art.

Entirely Unique

We embrace the inherent differences in every roast. We mark each batch with its
Finish Roast Temperature.

Journey with Us

We are passionate about the process and art of roasting.
Roast Spectrum

Finish Roast Temp

Finish Roast Temp describes the roast. The beans were roasted to this temperature. The lower the number, the lighter the roast; the higher the number, the darker the roast.
Low Temp

Low Temp Roast

Low Temp coffees are finished before they reach 415 degrees F. Low Temp coffee is typically bright, complex and vibrant. This is our approach to third wave, light roast coffee.
High Temp

High Temp Roast

High Temp coffees have been roasted beyond 415 degrees F. High Temp coffee is typically strong, caramelized and roasty. This is our approach to traditional coffee roasts.

Craft Coffee
at Home

Experience it delivered to your door, on the schedule you choose.
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“The poet, the painter, the sculptor, the musician, the architect, seek each to concentrate this radiance of the world on one point, and each in his several work to satisfy the love of beauty which stimulates him to produce. Thus is Art.”

Emerson: Nature

Our Roasting Shop

A few photos from our location in Waverly, Iowa.
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thinkwell. every day.

Taste and see!
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